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DR DAVID MATA: Ref # 147 (July 2016)
Dr. David Mata does this powerful conference call including info on Nrf2 and NRF1 and its importance, as well as some key helps in how to develop your own business. This is a great validation tool for anyone. They can dial the number on the right or you can send them to the MP3 file below

Dr. Hoadley Harris & Dr. Mark Gorden share about Protandim, oxidative stress, and Nrf2. Recorded in this call is what they share with all of their patients that come to them

DIAL:  641-715-3371 Reference number 126695#  Ref#. 5

Kurt Heisey shares on the FIVE DAILY HABITS you need for a successful businesss. ALSO  on a call he shares the USING THE TOOLS on how he went Pro3 in several weeks and Pro5 in 2 1/2 months.

THE FIVE DAILY HABITS: Ref # 130 (Feb 2016)

USING THE TOOLS : Ref # 132 (Feb 2016)

Doctor Marvin: (He has two great calls here)

Here is the playback info from several conference calls: 605-477-2199 Access: 873097# Ref# 123, Ref# 131.

REF #123 (Dec 2015)

REF #131 (Feb 2016)

Canine Health Call

Here is a great call on Cainine Health! Understand the significance and the power of Canine Health — Protandim for dogs and the difference it can make is huge! Dial in: 712-775-7039; Access code: 954160#.  

TESTIMONY: Richard Churchhill! This is a DO NOT MISS Call!

Richard Churchill tells how Protandim and LifeVAntage affected him with PTSD, and a myraid of other health issues. Do not miss this call, as it will open your eyes to possibilities you did not know of or even think about!  MP3 Below or phone recording on the left sidebar.

(August 2016)

ATHLETES: How it affects them

There are two great calls for Athletes and how it affects their recovery time and their performance. Click on the picture to the left to hear Ozzie Newsome of the Baltimore Ravens as well as top performers at the high school and college level. Hear how athletes recovery from reducing oxidative stress heightens performance. 

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