BUSINESS PRESENTATIONS:  Video presentations you can use for a home meeting!

Shawn Poe and Dr. Melody Rodarte -  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cMcm-Etkotw (48 min)
Brandon Cunningham - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PIDqPlzGSt8 (56 min)

FULL COLOR LIFEVANTAGE STORY: This is a full color file for handing out and taking people through the story of LifeVantage. A great tool. Download and keep in your briefcase. If you have a business presentation this is a good tool to put in people’s hands because it has all kinds of reminders for them to further study. It tells the story, gives links, has a place to input your contact information. Always have these ready as a take-away for every guest who comes to a meeting. 

One of the critical aspects of network marketing is to develop your list of contacts. Yet, when you go to do it you often find your mind needs to be led in the right directions, rather than just looking at a blank sheet of paper with ‘brain freeze’. This “Ultimate Memory Jogger” will help you guide your mind to getting your list started in the right direction, and begin to make you realize that you actually know hundreds of people that you would not have thought of without this memory jogger. So as you start your business make sure you use this valuable tool, and re-visit this tool from time to time and you will find your mind will dig up other names as well.

Peer Reviews are found on pubmed.gov. Go to pubmed.gove and search ‘protandim’ or ’nrf2’, etc. You will find studies done on peer review studies validiating protandim and LifeVantage products. Learn to search for all kinds of physical problems along with oxidative stress, such as “oxidative stress” and “alzeheimers”, etc. This is a good place to search when people ask if Protandim will help some problem. Just tell them you are no doctor, but you can search for studies to see if oxidative stress is related to their problem in question. Point them to this TOOL. Pubmed.gov is a good tool to point people to in order to help them find how oxidative stress, nrf2, protandim, etc. 

OREGON STATE RESEARCH, CORVALLIS, Ore. – New research at Oregon State University suggests it may be possible to slow age-related disease with new types of treatments. Scientists have tracked the syndromes associated with aging to their biochemical roots, and identified a breakdown in genetic communication as part of the problem. The findings imply that aging happens for a reason, and that while aspects of it may be inevitable, there could be ways to slow down disease development. The newest study relate to a protein, Nrf2, that helps regulate gene expression and the body’s reaction to various types of stressors. The research was published in Free Radical Biology and Medicine, in work supported by the National Institutes of Health and the Medical Research Foundation of Oregon. Click on OSU logo to find more information. 

 UNDERSTANDING AGING AND PUTTING THE BRAKES ON THE AGING PROCESS: CLICK the icon on the left to see the two page flyer that can be printed out and given to anyone you want who wants to read more about the aging process, Nrf2, and what Protandim does. We have distributors that have really expanded their business with this simple two-page flyer. This has proven to be a powerful tool that can be quickly given to folks where they can learn about this breakthrough in health and wellness. 

HOW TO GO PRO3 IN 30 DAYS. This simple explanation of what needs to be done to get your business to the foundational stage and making you good money as quick as possible.  This is step by step to do. You can successfully launch and create a sold foundation in your business. Repeat this each month and you are on your way to Pro10. 

POWERPOINT BUSINESS PRESENTATION: This is a link to download a powerpoint for a business presentation. We utilize two videos in this. The ABC Investigative Report and a video that explains in a few minute the products that have developed out of research since 2005 and finally slides on how to see the business opportunity that this has given.  I suggest that this be used not on a one-on-one. PLease use the videos on the home page for that. However, in a larger gathering with a leader in LifeVantage (suggest at least one Pro3 or above), who wants to present, this can be a great tool. We suggest this be divided into various sections for a group of leaders: 1) Host welcomes and leads up to ABC LIVE, 2) Another leader does the SCIENCE slides, 3)If available, another leader does the PRODUCTS slides (first video on ‘“Products” page and 4) Another leader do the business and close (Close could also be done by a different leader if desired.  If you use a Mac or ipad and want a KEYNOTE presentation, click the lower icon on the left.  

How do I do a short presentation? Many wonder. Here is a brief short explanation that shows how easy this business is to do. Follow this up with a 3-way phone call to your leader in this business. This short instructional page shows you how to open a presentation, whether one=on-one or otherwise, and what to say to close at the end of the presentation. Learn this and practice this for good success in your business. 

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