One of the critical aspects of network marketing is to develop your list of contacts. Yet, when you go to do it you often find your mind needs to be led in the right directions, rather than just looking at a blank sheet of paper with ‘brain freeze’. This “Ultimate Memory Jogger” will help you guide your mind to getting your list started in the right direction, and begin to make you realize that you actually know hundreds of people that you would not have thought of without this memory jogger. So as you start your business make sure you use this valuable tool, and re-visit this tool from time to time and you will find your mind will dig up other names as well.

Peer Reviews are found on pubmed.gov. Go to pubmed.gove and search ‘protandim’ or ’nrf2’, etc. You will find studies done on peer review studies validiating protandim and LifeVantage products. Learn to search for all kinds of physical problems along with oxidative stress, such as “oxidative stress” and “alzeheimers”, etc. This is a good place to search when people ask if Protandim will help some problem. Just tell them you are no doctor, but you can search for studies to see if oxidative stress is related to their problem in question. Point them to this TOOL. Pubmed.gov is a good tool to point people to in order to help them find how oxidative stress, nrf2, protandim, etc. 

How do I do a short presentation? Many wonder. Here is a brief short explanation that shows how easy this business is to do. Follow this up with a 3-way phone call to your leader in this business. This short instructional page shows you how to open a presentation, whether one=on-one or otherwise, and what to say to close at the end of the presentation. Learn this and practice this for good success in your business. 


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