The BreathScan Lync® reader is an optical scanning device that reads and interprets breath test data from the BreathScan® line of innovative, rapid breath tests, which currently consists of the OxiChekRapid Breath Test for Oxidative Stress / Free Radicals, and the KetoChek Rapid Breath Test for Nutritional Ketosis. The BreathScan Lync reader delivers the results directly to your iOS/Android device via the free BreathScan mobile app.

Oxidative Stress / Free Radicals

New Rapid Breath Test enables easy determination of oxidative stress*

  • Provides quantitative level of oxidative stress / free radicals
  • Results in less than 2 minutes!
  • Invaluable support tool to manage antioxidant supplementation programs – determine baseline levels and track changes over time
  • Enhance your practice revenue through in-office client testing or distribution for at-home use

* OxiChek™ cartridges require the use of the BreathScan Lync™ reader. Click for more information on the BreathScan Lync™

Note: OxiChek™ is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. OxiChek™ is a general wellness product intended to measure (quantitatively) indicators of oxidative stress in the exhaled breath of humans. It can be used to promote, track, and/or encourage choice, such as the use of nutritional supplements which, as part of a healthy lifestyle, may help to reduce the risk of certain chronic diseases or conditions. General wellness products do not require FDA clearance. The intended use statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.

  • Reads, analyses and provides results from breath tests in seconds!
  • Provides accurate, quantified results using an advanced optical reader
  • Data tracked and graphed so you can monitor your clients’ health data over time, in response to diet, exercise, nutritional supplementation and/or other regimens
  • Bluetooth-enabled device syncs with your iOS or Android-based mobile device using the free BreathScan™ App
  • Create multiple user accounts to test and monitor all of your clients’ health data separately!

Increase Your Practice’s Revenue with BreathScan™ Tests!

  1. Support and enhance existing nutritional supplement revenue by performing baseline and ongoing measurement of oxidative stress / nutritional ketosis for your clients
  2. Realize new revenue directly from in-office testing for Oxidative Stress and/or Nutritional Ketosis
  3. Add incremental revenue from in-office resell opportunity: Stock and sell the BreathScan™ test line to clients for at-home use

Examples of Easy-to-Read Test Results (via free BreathScan™ mobile app)

User-friendly Home Screen to Quickly Initiate Tests:

(Fictional client, does not represent real person)


OxiChek™ Breath Test for oxidative stress / free radicals:

(Example data for illustration purposes only)


COMING SOON...KetoChek™ Breath Ketone Test for nutritional ketosis:

(Example data for illustration purposes only)



  • Provides accurate, quantitative results your mobile device
    • Ketones: displayed in equivalent mmol/liter from 0.0 to 1.5
    • Oxidative stress: displayed as a proprietary score (0 to 1,000), with lower being better.
  • Data sent to paired mobile device via Bluetooth®
  • Data tracked and graphed so you can monitor health data over time, in response to diet, exercise, nutritional supplement and/or other regimens
  • Battery powered
  • Requires iOS (Apple) or Android tablet or mobile device with internet connection, and with the free BreathScan™ app downloaded and installed (Note: optimized for iPads and Android-based tablets)

How It Works

Here’s a brief summary of how to take an OxiChek™ test and get results. Read and follow the complete test instructions in the package insert when testing:

  1. Open the BreathScan™ app on your mobile device and log in
  2. Initiate a new OxiChek™ test on the app (which will provide illustrated directions on taking the test, including the following steps).
  3. Break the crystal-filled ampoule inside the OxiChek™ cartridge and blow forcefully through the device for 30 seconds.
  4. Shake the cartridge briskly for 5 seconds.
  5. Insert the cartridge into the BreathScan Lync™ reader. The reader will automatically power up, analyze the cartridge, and immediately send the results to your mobile device via Bluetooth® technology.

Your score is displayed on your mobile device, along with a graph of your results over time!

Pricing and How to Buy

To purchase BreathScan Lync™ and OxiChek™ or KetoChek™ test cartridges, contact Liberty Enterprises or call 1 (814) 326-4121.


(Right now only available for medical professionals)

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