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The proven plan should be one of the first places each new distributor goes for training and one place that veterans visit often. The basics of how to build a business do not change. The proven plan website has the foundation on your business building blocks. It lets you know what to do to get started, the art of inviting, daily steps to success, and how to build your business. It includes recordings of weekly audios, and is your #1 go to place for training and learning. 

Search for all kinds of physical problems along with oxidative stress, such as “oxidative stress” and “autism”, etc. This is a good place to search when people ask if Protandim will help some problem.  Pubmed.gov is a good tool to point people to in order to help them find how oxidative stress, nrf2, protandim, etc. 

We are on a Divine Journey to bring Health, Abundance and Blessing to the World! Vince Como and Dondee Nettles  put together this website to provide an extra tool for our Leaders and their developing Distributor force and give them a "leg up" on their quest to fulfill their WHY. This Industry can be very unforgiving and tough, but it can also be very rewarding when it's done right! This website is part of our contribution to helping our Team do it right. At LifeVantage, we are one big happy family, so everyone is encouraged to use this site!!  

Eric Worr e is a great leader in MLM with lots of training. His book, “GO PRO” is a best seller and great training for every new distributor. It is a MUST HAVE. Also his video DVD, “Rise of the Entrepreneur” is invaluable. Eric has so many resources available, so much FREE training that this is really a top site to visit and learn from. Since 2009 he has produced over 1,300 free videos for the Network Marketing community on about every topic. 

TeamIMT (It’s My Time) This website by Romacio has a great library of tools, training videos, etc. Visit it and download all kinds of good info.

Adam and Michelle Carey are great leaders with a passion to honor God by helping others. They have a free eBook: Cold Market Prospecting Made Easy, and many very humorous and extremely beneficial short training videos with timely advice for your business. Sign up to receive their free eBook and subscribe to their periodic emails with updates on new videos etc. Their book, “Don’t Be That Guy in Network Marketing” is very good on the RIGHT WAY to do Network Marketing so you stay classy, loving and helping people, while keeping your friends, and accelerating your success.

Team True Blue is another top leader’s site that has a lots of great information, tools, training, videos, recordings of audtio calls, and I’m sure you will get a lot out of this website. Search it and glean as much as you can from these great leaders.

This is a website with lots of training videos, how to use Facebook, downloads, scripts to communicate, how to do “Prospect Differentiation”, the truth about momentum, how to make real changes, meet people where they are atand how to use a very simple formual that really every business, not just MLM is based on. The more you learn, the more you grow and the more you grow, the more your business with grow, so get to this site. 

Team Heart has great information on how to get started, how to host a party, what NOT to do, how to do a presentation, etc. All is really good information on how to get started with LifeVantage. Their weekly calls are archived, so you can access lots of info to learn more and more. 

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