Dr. McCord - Is the recipient of the Elliot Cresson award,  the Discovery Award from the Society for Free Radical Biology and Medicine, and a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Oxygen Society. Click on the picture below to go to some of his greatest teaching on Protandim, Neutrigenics, Addictions and Protandim, and many others.

Dr. Maniscalco explains the science of how both the Nrf1 & Nrf2 work in the body

Dr. Norman Marvin:  Alzeheimners, Astherosclerosis, Colon Cancer - 9th study ( 15 min)

Dr. Norman Marvin: The Truth - How and Why Protandim (22:08)

Dr. Maniscalco How NRF2 works (11:55)

Dr. Alice Reed: The Benefits of Protandim  (15:40)

Protandim - Synergy, Glutathione (9:10)

Dr. Mark Gordon (Cardiologist) sits down and answers questions that he most often gets asked. 

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