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Genetic Exercise?   

We’ve discussed how your unique genetic code can influence how your body responds to different foods.  Now, we’ll take a look at how your body type, or body genetics, is the foundation of the “house” in which you live.  Custom building your house to your satisfaction requires that you understand what strategies or building plans will work best.  You can enhance or redesign your body with this understanding. 

First, there are various reasons and purposes we exercise; for overall health, athletic performance, physical therapy, and to get our bodies in shape.  Honestly, We must admit that for most, it’s to get our bodies looking good, rather than overall health.  All exercise is good for our health, and to get moving is the first goal, whether it’s walking, dancing, or circuit training (full body training, alternating upper and lower body exercises), done consistently, you will find reaching your health goals much easier to reach.  Athletic training has its own goals and strategies. For those of us who want to get our bodies in the best shape possible, there’s more that goes into the equation.   

This is from  personal trainer in the 90’s. “We were taught to train our clients the same, barring any health for physical issues.  As I learned and experienced more, I found myself not agreeing with that strategy.  One of my clients saw the results I was achieving by the program I used, and asked if she could work out with me.  She became my workout partner for a while, yet became frustrated that she did not achieve the same results.  What I realized later, is that we weren’t molding the same “clay”.  Her body type was different than mine.  She had different strengths and weaknesses.  Her body’s shape, or genetic type, caused her to respond differently to the same workout I was doing”.   


I mean the times when you feel your heart pumping, blood running through your veins. Waking up excited about something. Feeling purpose and fulfillment in your relationships. Seeing the world in full color. Doing something terrifying. When did you last feel those things? Have you ever felt those things? Many of us live so much of our lives just merely… alive. We live so far below our opportunities and potential. What is the difference between being alive and actually living?

What it Looks Like

Being alive means, literally, that your heart is beating and you are breathing in oxygen. Figuratively, we mean that you’re functioning. You get adequate sleep, eat food, fulfill your responsibilities, and just generally survive. Being alive doesn’t mean you’re a zombie or robot. It doesn’t mean that you’re incapable of feeling joy or purpose. It just means that there’s a higher way of living.

When you’re actually living, you taste the vibrancy of your food as you eat. You stop to smell the roses – figuratively and literally. You play hard, work hard, rest hard. Actually living looks like pure joy and powerful emotions – even if they’re sad. You have dreams and excitement about the future. You try new things and get messy in the process. You take risks and learn from them. It’s a higher, better, more successful way of living.

How to Actually Live

The first step to actually living is practicing mindfulness. You can begin right now by analyzing your body sensations. Where are you holding tension? How does it feel to take deep breaths? Start checking in with your emotions each night before bed, asking yourself how your day went, how you felt, and how you feel now.

Blood Type Nutrition

Blood Type Nutrition

Without a doubt, the nutritional plan most trending is the Ketogenic Diet, followed by the Mediterranean Diet, Vegan Diet, as well as several diet meal plans where you purchase their branded foods. Which is best? How do i know? Am I just at the mercy of the best sales person? What are the theories, benefits, requirements, menus, recipes, and resources?

The Truth is, not one nutritional plan will be the best choice for everyone. There’s a reason for that. Our genetic codes are unique. What may work for one, may not work for another. This is often why someone may have great success with one program, while another gains weight, experiences issues with allergies, sluggish, brain fog, or digestion. All this, not knowing their bodies are reacting to their dietary changes. In making your educated choices for your nutritional needs, keep this in mind. Sometimes, drastic changes in our nutrition can cause a negative response, depending on our personal wellness level. Some of the best advice in this matter, is to choose two or three changes, foods, or meals for couple of weeks, and pay attention to my body’s reaction. The reason for this is two -fold: A complete overhaul of our kitchen and lifestyle can be overwhelming and stressful. Secondly, our bodies have the chance to adapt to the positive changes we’re making. After two weeks, you can see and feel the benefits of the changes made, without suffering the undo stress of an overhaul. This can encourage you to want to learn more, and make the commitment to work towards a total lifestyle change.

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